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Richmond Senior Classes

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As we get older, keeping our bodies functioning well and healthy should be our number one priority. Lack of mobility is one of the most significant factors of loss, that an individual can face. Aging can limit or restrict movement of certain joints, leading to an inability to remain physically independent. However, exercise has the potential to radically change how we age, and the quality of our lives as we gets older. Therefore regular physical activity should be mandatory for this demographic. An active lifestyle can open doors to increased wellbeing, social inclusion, self-esteem and have huge positive effects for our senior citizens. Even if an individual has difficulty with standing or walking, they can benefit from exercise. Reducing the risk of falls is a key component to all of our “senior mobility classes”. We are equipped to making modifications for a positive experience focusing on; cardiovascular endurance, balance, agility, strength and flexibility. At Lulu Family Fitness all of our fitness leaders are certified through the BCRPA to instruct, specific programs; Get Up & Go® and Osteofit® as well as Vancouver Coastal Health’s SteadyFeet®, Minds in Motion and Balance & Falls Prevention. When choosing a class for yourself or a loved one, the choice of physical activity should be matched with the individuals’ needs and their abilities. Please contact us for locations and times of the programs that would best suit your activity level. If you a facility looking for skilled, passionate leaders to lead classes in a safe environment, we would love to connect.

If you are in Richmond and have questions about our classes, please give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!